It's hard to find the time

to build an impactful

activity or offsite for

your team!

Trying to book venues and organize catering within budget can sometimes feel like an impossible task!

No more worrying about coordinating




The Biz Games Team handles ALL of that for you so that YOU can spend more

time WITH your team! Not with the vendors.

With the right offsite

planning partner,

you can attend your program WITH your team, lock in your costs to stay within budget, and connect with awesome vendors and partners you otherwise would NOT know about in the location of the offsite.

How it Works





Proposed Plan



the offsite





Conference Planners

You can be confident that your program will be fully managed by an experienced team of conference planners. Now you can enjoy your team and all the fun activities you hoped would take place at your offsite.

Hosting an offsite takes a TON of time and always has

a few unwelcome surprises...

"In budget"

Our team can keep you "In budget" and take the

burden of your planning from your hands so you can enjoy being with your team.

Let's do this!

The Biz Games specializes in

Off-Site Planning

We can plan your next team building event, sales kick-off, or annual company party. We'll make it epic! Already have an event planner to handle the details? GREAT! We will jump in and be the FUN Committee!

Team Building

Building and unifying a team shouldn't be boring, lame, or done with people who just aren't very much fun! Great news! We aren't boring or lame, and we've been told we are TONS of FUN!

Incentive Travel

Have you used "Incentive Travel" to motivate your team? Let us help! We have decades of experience in traditional "Team Spoiling" and have launched an entirely different experience with our trips!

Office Games, Anyone?

The Biz Games

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