Lawn games are a timeless classic. But pit two teams against each other and these classics can turn into heated battles!


This game is a cross between classic four square and volleyball. Quickly growing in popularity, Spikeball is a fast-paced, ultra-competitive game where doubles partners spike their ball to victory. Teams are allowed three touches to be able to spike the ball back into the net to the opposing team. If you can’t hit the ball back into the net, the opposing team scores.

Corn Hole

Perfect for any party, Corn Hole is a fan favorite. Bring your tossing skills to the table and compete to be the champion corn hole-er! Toss your bean bag onto the board to score points for your team, and score even more points by making it through the hole. Team with the most points wins.

Kan Jam

Think of it as an alley-oop competition. Can Jam utilizes frisbee accuracy and super slapping skills to rack up points. Get the frisbee into the can to score points. The team that scores the most points wins!


This games has been around forever! As classics as it gets, Badminton is a great lawn game that everyone can play. Exercise your birdie swatting skills to claim victory.


Strap up and get ready to climb! Climbing walls make great additions to every party, but like everything we do, we turn it into an awesome competition!

Tactical Games

Put on by ex-Navy Seals, these games simulate real life situations and training. From rescuing hostages on an airplane, to overtaking a position held by assailants, Tactical games can help you feel prepared for any situation.


Though you may think this game is just for those of us that are more advanced in age, Pickleball is an energetic games that really gets you going! It’s like mini tennis, played with wooden paddles and a wiffleball.

Ladder Ball

Two balls on a string. That all it takes to get competitive with this game. Get your balls a flying and see if you get get them on the lowest wrung!

Giant Jenga

There are many tall towers in the world, but none as tall as the one you’ll build with this Giant Jenga! Just like the original game, only bigger! Stack you blocks the highest to earn the “W”!

Extreme Tic Tac Toe

Combine a relay race with tic-tac-toe and there you have it. Race with your team to place your X’s or O’s before the other team to win.

Giant Connect 4

The classic children’s game has now been made fun for the whole family. Use your strategic mastermind to out wit your opponent and claim the victory.


Feeling classy? Then come out and play some croquet! This game has fostered unity and teamwork so long, I think George Washington played a quick round before crossing the Delaware and attacking Trenton. Do you want to be like Washinton? Then play some croquet!

He-Man Croquet

I have the power! Summon your He Man strength in this strenuous twist on the classic yard game. Drive your bowling balls through the goals with your rubber sledge hammer to soar to victory.

*Sketchy women not included.

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