Archery Games and Tournaments

Depending on the size of the group, we will divide teams into smaller teams who will compete head-to-head against each other in fierce and fun archery games. Soft tips provide an injury-free activity that will keep people talking about it for weeks! Points are accumulated for the winners of each matchup, ending with an award ceremony with crazy trophies and major bragging rights. Nothing builds teams better than competing for a trophy together!

Gladiator Assault

This is a modern take on the classic TV show. Manipulate your way through the Gauntlet by shooting separate targets without getting hit by the gladiators atop the course. Get through the course and become a gladiator yourself!

Hunger Games

This is a free-for-all. Supplies are in the center at the “cornucopia.” The last man or woman standing becomes the Hunger Games champion.

Archery Dodgeball

Throw it back to your grade school days! Two teams go at it, and the objective is to not get hit by the arrow. If you do by some chance get hit, you’re out!

Archery Golf

We make golf actually fun. Crazy, right? This game is just like Frisbee golf, but with bows and arrows. Create your own custom course, and then progress through it.

Archery Cornhole

Instead of bean bags, it’s arrows. If you thought trying to get a beanbag in there was hard, just wait until you try it with an arrow!

Target Range

This is for you more reserved employees. If you don’t like getting shot at or shooting at others, this is the game for you—a timeless test of accuracy.

Archery Art

We give you paint-filled buckets that you dip your foam arrows in, and then you shoot a canvas. You’re then free to make some art stuff. Or whatever.

Capture the Flag

Who doesn’t love capture the flag? Again, this is an archer’s take on the classic game. If you get shot, you go to jail. To get your teammates out of prison, you’ll have to hit the target next to the jail.

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