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Bringing the mantra of "Playing With Purpose" to a new level... don't just take your team on another trip. Strengthen your team the entire trip with organized challenges and competitions that will drive unity and give everyone the excuse they need to get out of their shell a little and enjoy being together!

I'm IN! This is a great solution to help UNIFY, EXCITE, and TRAIN my team!

WHO should come?

If you've got a team that deserves a little more than

another day in the office... you should be considering

a tournament trip! Give your people a WOW experience!


  • Sales Teams
  • Executive Teams
  • Entire Companies!

WHAT are they?

Its a little different for each group... but you pick the destination, we provide the gamified trip! All activities are specific to the location and tracked using our special app that has geo tagged challenges.


  • Challenges specific to the Group
  • Unique to the location
  • Individual Scoring or Team!

WHERE do you do them?

Doesn't really matter to us! We are able to produce amazing Tournament Trips anywhere in the world! Whether you join us on a predesigned trip or invite us on yours, we are guaranteed to make it amazing!


  • Can be added to an existing trip you have planned
  • Come join us on a predesigned adventure
  • Need some ideas? We've been EVERYWHERE! We know where the fun spots are!

WHEN are they?

We will be announcing quarterly "Networking" Tournament Trips in 2019, otherwise we can convert ANY planned meeting or incentive trip into a Tournament Trip at any time!


  • Literally any time!
  • As simple as a One Day outing
  • Complex as a Month long adventure!

WHY should we go?

Because who doesnt want to travel to a 5 star resort and shoot arrows at their boss?


  • Luxury Travel
  • Unifies your team
  • Its a WHOLE lot of FUN!

I'm IN! This is a great solution to help UNIFY, EXCITE, and TRAIN my team!

In an effort to create the most amazing and dependable experiences on our Tournament Trips, The Biz Games has opted to license as a legitimate travel agency to be able to pass on the INCREDIBLE hotels, venues and locations around the world only offered through licensed agencies. Now you can pass off ALL of your incentive travel needs to ONE vendor with ONE PO for your entire experience!

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