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We can plan your next team building event, sales kick-off, or annual company party. We'll make it epic! Already have an event planner to handle the details? GREAT! We will jump in and be the FUN Committee!


Building and unifying a team shouldn't be boring, lame, or done with people who just aren't very much fun! Great news! We aren't boring or lame, and we've been told we are TONS of FUN!


Have you used "Incentive Travel" to motivate your team? Let us help! We have decades of experience in traditional "Team Spoiling" and have launched an entirely different experience with our trips!

Office Games, Anyone?

Complete OFF-SITE Planning Services

Did someone say Off-Site?

Why yes... we did!

Too many companies leave the offsite planning to someone inexperienced in negotiating travel deals or hotel incentives.

End result?

Companies are spending WAY too much money on their offsite or remote team build. Not only that... they have no idea what to even ask for when booking multiple rooms and convention space!

After seeing too many of our clients make the same mistakes over and over... The Biz Games hired our own Destination Travel experts to come in and do all of that planning FOR our clients.

Thats right.. we are licensed travel agents and are able to negotiate on behalf of our clients to create the most amazing Offsite adventures ever imagined!

I NEED The Biz Games to Help ME!!!


I've seen enough! I know my team is gonna love this activity set and we are ready to go! Shoot our team a quick email to team@thebizgames.com and we will reply back with an agreement to move forward with your selection.

Make sure to include the option you prefer and any other add on's you wanted to include in your choice. We look forward to working with you on this awesome project!


Still have questions about the proposed options? No worries, let's hop on a call to clarify any of your questions!

One of our experienced facilitators will be happy to discuss your proposal with you and make sure you get the type of experience you are hoping for!

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